Condominium/HOA Management

Our reputation and experience has made us the leading condominium management firm in the region, unparalleled in client base, expertise, service, efficiency and cost effectiveness. We manage multiple residential, commercial and industrial condominium units throughout Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. Our services are tailored to meet each properties individual goals, and designed to maximize the value of property assets. We utilize our collective experience and knowledge to assist us in managing each property and we strive to cooperate in furthering the interest of the Association in our every day practices.

Why NAI Plotkin Condominium/HOA Management?

We currently manage over 20 Homeowner Associations throughout Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut and our reputation and experience has made our name synonymous with condominium management the region.  We are unparalleled in terms of client base, management expertise, service, knowledge, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Our overriding objective is to achieve and maintain a first-class condition for all communities we manage, which we achieve through determined emphasis on reserve planning, budgeting, and personalized customer service.

Our condo management team offers:

  • Administrative Services
  • Site Management, Maintenance Supervision and Inspection
  • Employee Contractor/Payment
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Customer Service & Owner Retention
  • Association Meeting Preparation, Facilitation & Attendance
  • Budgets, Financial Reporting & Collections
  • Insurance
  • Business Advisory & Reporting to the Board
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Capital Planning

Our team of experienced property managers, bookkeepers, and administrative assistants, combined with our state-of-the-art computerized financial reporting systems provide the highest quality management team in the region. Our decades of experience is a tremendous asset when it comes to assisting our clients in maintaining the highest level of standards for their specific community and its goals.

We understand that serving on an Association board can be a challenge. NAI Plotkin offers services that are tailored around the specific needs of your Board and Association. We actively manage every element of your property from repair and maintenance,  to managing snow removal, landscaping and other contractors work, to bill payments. We ensure that all fiduciary obligations are met by creating accurate and robust financial reporting for each Board. For capital planning, we work closely with the Board to secure reasonably priced bids and help reserve financial budgets for future projects. We understand documents that pertain to managing an Association, including rules & regulations, master deeds, and declarations of trust. With our hands on dedication and 24/7 emergency support, we make handling the day-to-day issues of HOA management easier and our clients are able to focus on increasing the property value for their homes and communities.

For More Information, Contact:

Michael Hogan
Senior Property Manager
Phone: (413) 200-6005


Savanah Pucci
Service Coordinator
Phone: (413) 200-6003


Association Websites

As part of our commitment to excellent service, we offer our HOA clients the option of implementing easy-to-use, professionally designed Association websites. These websites are exceptionally dynamic, offering both public and password protected resident-only areas. We offer more than 50 features to enhance your online presence and increase communication throughout your association.

The public area of the website is accessible to the general public, offering you the ability to showcase your association online. Some of the most popular features available on the public side of the website include:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Amenities
  • Contact Us Form

The private area of the website is accessible only with a login and password. Some of the most popular features available on the private side of the website include:

  • Events Calendar
  • Financial Information
  • Messaging to Property Management
  • Document Access

Sample Association Websites